T-Point: Contactless monitoring of body temperature as a preventative component of Covid Secure measures

The modern and comfortable temperature screening station for contactless monitoring of body temperature as a preventative component of Covid Secure measures ✔️

The T-Point temperature screening station for preventive monitoring of body temperature is intended for use in a fixed location or for entrance areas.

Use of the T-Point without base

The device measures the body temperature of visitors at the wrist and in therefore particularly suitable for the safe control of access on local public transport (buses and trains) as well as for entrance areas to public buildings and facilities. The device displays the measured body temperature values in three different colours.

  • In standby mode and during the measurement the display lights up BLUE.
  • If the visitor’s body temperature is within normal parameters, the display on the T-Point changes from BLUE to GREEN.
  • If the body temperature measures 37 ° C an acoustic signal sounds alongside the green display.
  • If a measurement above 37.5 ° C is recorded, the display lights up RED. There is also an acoustic warning sound. In order to confirm the reading, please carry out two more T-Point measurements in order to rule out external influences. If the device still shows RED after three measurements, a check with a contact thermometer certified for medical purposes is recommended.
  • If the measured value is too high, the display shows “ERR”.
  • In the event of anomalies in a thermal sensor, the message will appear WHITE..

Other features

  • Body temperature measurement in centrigrade.
  • To protect privacy, the individual temperature is not displayed.
  • Customised design option.
  • CE certified.


Position the device in a location with an ambient temperature between 19° and 25°C, in a dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Significant differences in the ambient temperature, lower or higher than those specified, can falsify the measurement and impair the function of the T-Point.

  • Follow the instructions to assemble the base stand.
  • There are two clamp fittings on the back, with which the T-Point can be easily and quickly mounted on poles, handrails or mobile stands.
  • Do not set up near heat sources, air conditioning units or facing the sun.
  • Ensure that the attachment to the floor or wall is stable.
  • Please only use a damp cloth for cleaning (No cleaning liquids)
  • After switching on please wait a few seconds. As soon as the screen lights up GREEN, the T-Point is operational.
  • To obtain more reliable measurements, we recommend switching on the T-Point 30 minutes prior to use to allow the sensors to adapt to the ambient temperature.
  • Contactless temperature screening
  • Protection of Privacy
  • Customised design option
  • CE certified

We would be happy to discuss your individual T-Point needs!